ALLNET Brick'R'knowledge "Advanced Set" (English/Englisch)

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Our Advanced Set contains 111 components, which enable building more complicated and complex...más
Información del producto "ALLNET Brick'R'knowledge "Advanced Set" (English/Englisch)"
Our Advanced Set contains 111 components, which enable building more complicated and complex solutions. Brick'R'knwoledge teaches electronic engineering with it's components, units, and operations in an innovative and playful way. Thanks to the educational system, knowledge can be gathered, so that not only you but also our next generation can profit from it. The different bricks can be build to individual circuits by clicking them together. Simple as well as complex electronical and technological topics can be experienced in a totally new way. Due to the open-source factor, bricks can be added and own solutions developed. Brick'R'knowledge isn't all about basic electronical engineering, also RF experiments can be realized, which make the system worldwide unique. Oscilloscopes and signal generatores are soon-to-be integrable components in the Brick-system, that will fulfill industrial requirements as well.
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